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Happy Summer everyone! Things are rolling here in New Orleans. Back to working regularly at the Spotted Cat, DBA, Zony Mash and others spots around town. Looking forward to what will be an insane festival season in October. But before we can get to that, the big news is work has begun on my new album from ArtistShare records! I'm flattered to have been chosen as the ArtistShare/Eastman School New Artist for 2021 and our project is going live in early July. We'll be tracking in August and we hope to have CDs under your tree at Christmas. This will be a fan funded album, so I'm hopeful for your generous support. 

We will be imagining the house band aboard a true to life Alcoa Cruise boat, running from New Orleans through the Caribbean in the 1950s. Expect some classic New Orleans music, some 1950s R&B, and of course the vintage tropicalia I love so much . There are a lot of fun perks for supporting the album, and I can't wait to share this music with you! For details, click here

July 2. Doro Wat. Maison. 7pm.

July 3. Doro Wat. Spotted Cat. 5pm.

July 6. Meschiya Lake. Spotted Cat. 6pm. 

July 7. Shotgun Jazz Band. Spotted Cat. 6pm.

July 9 Shotgun Jazz Band. Maison. 7pm.

July 10. Tropicales. Spotted Cat. 2pm.

July 11. Palmetto Bugs. DBA. 5pm.

July 14. Wendell Brunious. Pirogues Whiskey Bayou. 7pm.

July 15 - 23. Vacation!