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Hi everybody - been a minute! Checking in from New Orleans on March 11, 2021. My wife and I were fortunate enough to get our vaccine shots today and we're excited to get back to work. I'm actually doing a fair bit of playing these days, with various bands outside DBA on Frenchmen St, as well as with the Tropicales at the Zony Mash Beer Project. 


We started a new company over the summer called Crescent Pennant Co, making hand painted canvas pennants. We are up over 30 designs, mostly featuring New Orleans neighborhoods, and all with a killer, throwback vibe. Learning to sew and paint has been keeping me super busy. 


But also - work has begun on the new album. Can't give ya the juicy details quite yet, but I am teamed up with ArtistShare label and it's gonna be my biggest undertaking yet. I'll have plenty of news about that as it gets going. In the meantime, get your shots, keep masked up, be excellent to eachother. Cheers!