Welp....How yall holding up?? I'm posted up in Algiers Point, trying to stay positive and make the most of it! I did just release the new album from the Tropicales and we love how it came out. We feature Jon Boutte and Jimbo Mathus on the album, and the whole thing hits from front to back. Figured we'd be playing a bunch of pool parties and roof shows right about now. We had a CD release party scheduled for April, a tour in the summer, and some fun collabs coming up, but alas, here we are. I hope you'll pick up a copy (available on Bandcamp now, I'll load it here ASAP). 

We'll get thru this, and all of us here in New Orleans look forward to entertaining you again. There will be subtropical parties again - waiting even longer to happen. Keep the faith and be nice to eachother! 

I'll be releasing a lot of videos on Instagram, and have some fun "record from home" collaborations in the works. Stay tuned and stay safe!


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