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Presents For Everyone!


We're thrilled to release a CD of tropical Christmas music with the help of Latitude 29, the fabulous den of all things tiki in New Orleans' French Quarter. Here we bring you classic calypsos, a Cuban Christmas Eve song, an old chestnut, and an original of mine featuring a lovely vocal from my wife, Mia Goldsmith Halloran. Hope you mix up a boozy punch, throw a log on the fire, or open up the windows, and dance around the tree! Be it a douglass fir, 1950s aluminum, or coconut palm.



Here is the debut single from my band, the Tropicales! We are thrilled to have had John Boutte in the studio singing like only he can. Enjoy this classic calypso from the Calypso King of the Universe, the Mighty Sparrow.

Recorded straight to 78 rpm acetate disc, 1950s era biguines to liven up a cocktail party. Bottoms up!

Ce Biguine!

Tomas Majcherski. Clarinet.

Zayd Sifri. Percussion.

Pete Olynciw. Bass.

Doug Garrison and Robin Rappuzi. Drums.

Tom McDermott and Shaye Cohn. Piano

Max Bein Kahn. Guitar

Todd Burdick. Banjo.

Quality 6


Charlie Fardella. Trumpet.

Tim Laughlin. Clarinet.

Steve Pistorius. Piano.

Tom Saunders. Bass.

Walter Harris. Drums. 

Jimbo Mathus. Vocals on tracks 3 & 7.