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Charlie Halloran Photo Shoot, image by Jenny Adams-3214-4.jpg

Upcoming Shows

May 31. Shotgun. Spotted Cat. 6-9. 

June 2. Panorama. Easton MD. 

June 4. Palmetto Bugs. DBA. 5pm.

June 6. Spotted Cat. 6pm.

June 13. Spotted Cat. 6pm.

June 14. Tropicales. Bacchanal. 6pm.

June 16. Tropicales. DBA. 5pm.

June 17. Panorama. Spotted Cat. 6pm.

                Muevelo. Ace Hotel. 10pm.

June 20. Tropicales. Bar Marilou. 7pm.

June 23. Tropicales. Bacchanal. 7pm.

June 24. Secret Cajun Band. Blueberry Hill. STL.

June 27. Spotted Cat. 6pm.

June 28. Shotgun. Spotted Cat. 6pm.

June 29. Tim Laughlin. City Park. 7pm.

June 30. Tropicales. Pirogues Whiskey Bayou. 8pm.

July 1. Tuba Skinny. DBA. 6pm.

July 8. Tuba Skinny. DBA 6pm.

July 14. Tuba Skinny + Tropicales. BJs. 9pm.

July 15. Tuba Skinny. DBA. 6pm. 

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